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Supplying new & reconditioned pallets in London





Palletco - We supply new and used pallets in London and the surrounding areas.


Palletco aims to satisfy customer needs the same day or within 24 hours of receiving an order.


Palletco is an established family business of three generations and has been supplying new & reconditioned

pallets since 1986.


Palletco continues to develop strong working relationships

with its customers, built upon our impeccable reputation for high standards, quality control and customer service.


Our total professionalism, friendly service and reliability has enabled us to maintain long standing relationships of trust with our customer base.


Palletco is here to efficiently & reliably meet all your pallet needs.

So, if you are looking for a fast, professional and reliable pallet supplier in London, look no further than Palletco. We also provide same day collection services as well as the recycling and reconditioning of used pallets.

There are two standard sizes of pallet, these are:

Euro pallet supplier London - Palletco


There are many grades of Euro pallet to suit your specific requirements. Call us for details of euro pallets.

UK pallet supplier London - Palletco


There are many grades of UK pallet to suit your specific requirements. Call us for details of UK pallets.



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